Coping with eBay SPAM

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Coping with eBay SPAM

Post by wek » Sun Jun 23, 2019 6:47 am

So you recently looked for an item on eBay, and now you're getting several SPAM messages per day about items on eBay that match your search. I've recently found a way to stop those. eBay MAY even decide to stop sending them.

On every domain, there are 3 contacts. The email for the TECHNICAL contact MUST be registered so ARIN (the highest level Registrar of domains) can contact that person in the event of a problem. eBay does not list ANY email address on their web-sites (probably to prevent you from doing what I'm about to suggest), but us geeks all know about ARIN's requirements. eBay's technical contact email address is:

So here's what I did. Feel free to do it yourself. While you're at it, you're welcome to tell anyone else you like, as well. First, I warned them to stop spamming me if they wanted to keep me as a customer. That's the courteous thing to do -- and it had no effect whatsoever, of course.

So next I set up a filter on my email account that does the following:

When any message arrives from it is immediately and automatically forwarded to and deleted.

Problem solved. At a minimum, I will never see another one. And if eBay wants to stop the flooding of their technical contact email box, all they have to do is stop spamming themselves.

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